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University of Structural Engineering & Architecture
(VSU) "Lyuben Karavelov" - Sofia

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Degree Program: Architecture
Professional Qualification: Architect
Degree: Master
Professional Direction: Architecture, Engineering and Geodesy
Official Length of Program: 5,5 academic years
Mode of Study: Full-time

The Degree Program “Architecture“ as a regulated profession is studied only in master degree after graduating high school. The total length of the program is 5 years and additional 100 days for elaboration and defense of diploma work.

The Academic Curriculum by a team of the International Academy of Architecture and VSU “L. Karavelov“ in accordance with the requirements of the Higher Education Law, state requirements for the “master“ degree on the Degree Program “Architecture“ and the relative regulations and decrees. It is in conformity with the Directive of the European Union from 10.06.1985 for mutual admitting of diplomas, certificates and other documents in the architecture sphere, the requirements of the International Union of Architects for the architecture education and the requirements of the Association of the European Schools of Architecture.


The educational process begins with drawing and molding, architecture structures motions, construction physics, material science and others. The education always starts with the familiar and already known and gradually on game principle the students are lead into the principles and specifics of the architecture creative work. The training in the composition sphere begins with the principles of the abstract composition and passes gradually into the specifics of the architecture sphere and architecture tasks. Hardly after this gradual transition of preparation come the first project for small environment and its urbanization problems. Here again it begins with the most familiar for the students type of building – the residential one and it is passed to gradual complication through all basic types of buildings in their mutual relation with the principles of the real design and the real urbanization. The program is so prepared so that it gives opportunity for mutual relation of different consecutive projects.

In all specialized architecture lectures precede with one semester the projecting in the same matter, so that the learned material to be applied in the projecting. In the same the gradual developed line it is studied also architecture structures.

The subjects are classified according the requirements of the Higher Education Law in three categories:

  • Compulsory subjects - 73;
  • Elective subjects - 2;
  • Faculty subjects - from them the students are obliged to choose 1;

From the compulsory and elective subjects 46 end with an examination, 11 with current mark and 15 – with defense of an architecture projects. The number of classes of the subjects, the course projects and tasks, the examination procedures and their distribution in the semesters is pointed in the academic curriculum.

There are foreseen compulsory classes in physical education and sport with total amount of 240 hours distributed from the I till VIII semester (30 hours each semester). The classes in physical education and sport end with countersigning in the student's record book by the leading teacher (trainer).

After the compulsory hours in foreign language, the students are given the opportunity for additional learning of the respective language.

The education practice of the students is organized during the entire course of education with total amount of 400 hours with one education excursion. All practices end with a journal and sketches of the sites – object to the practice and on that base the practice itself s countersigned.

For each subject are defined credits on ECTS that gives students greater mobility. The total number of credits for a semester is 30 and for the entire course of education of 10 semesters are 300 credits plus 15 credits for a diploma work. The definite number is calculated after the successful taking of the respective examination (current mark) or project mark.

It is a novelty for Bulgaria the organization of the education process in architecture design. It is developed on the principle of the united vertical education student design studios, lead by a team of professors and not on typological feature and on typological departments. All the design subjects are lead rhythmically with exercises twice a week. The students work in common working halls where they have their permanent working places and they all participate in the discussions that lead during the education process in the studios. It is applied the principle of the workshops and classes, a principle on which is developed the education in all Higher Schools on Arts in Bulgaria, but for the first time it is applied in the education of architecture design as an art.

The students have right to choose and to leave the studio in which they work at the beginning of each semester. The noble competition for high achievements between the studios will be the natural motive and corrective for the maintenance of high level in the work with the students.

In the preparation of the academic curriculum there has been made a broad research of the world experience of Universities such as - Hogeschool Antwerpen, New Jersey Institute of Technology - School of Architecture USA, MARHI – Moscow, Technical University in Graz – Austria. In this sense the applied academic curriculum is based on experimental and proven effective education forms.

The Education ends with the elaboration of a diploma project and its defense in front of a State Examination Commission in accordance with the Higher Education Law.


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